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All Health Information provides free online all health pertaining information, health articles, all healthy recipes on food, desserts, pastries, drinks and beverages which are tasty, delicious, easy and simple to cook or prepare for people who are on special diets.  Also included here are all health food articles, all organic food recipes, all articles and information pertaining to healthy lifestyle and living, healthy food nutrition and their benefits, causes and preventions of various ailments and diseases.  Articles and information on aging - how to stay young longer and healthier, oral health and hygiene, skin care, fitness and exercise, Yoga and meditation, Tai chi and Qigong, Chinese healing and medicinal herbs such as ginseng and other medicinal herbs and spices focused towards achieving optimum health and Quality of Life.

All health information provides you with free healthy, nutritious, tasty, delicious, easy, and simple to cook or make healthy food and desserts recipes so that you can enjoy the food and also at the same time taking care of your health.  All health-related articles and information such as, aromatherapy, diets articles, nutritional notes, fitness and exercise, yoga and meditation, tai chi and qi gong, oral health, skin care, hair care and articles on all various ways to adopt a good healthy living style and staying healthy are included.  Even information and articles on Chinese healing and medicinal herbs and other relevant information and articles on ailments and diseases such as Alzheimer, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Failures and Diseases, Liver Disease, Osteoporosis, Stroke, and Nervous and Mental Disorders, just to name a few, are provided.  Health is not simply the absence of ailments and diseases.  If you view health as a dynamic state of consciousness which is continuous, ever-changing and always challenging, coupled with enthusiasm, you can embark on it as an exciting adventure instead of a chore, which is boring and monotonous.

Everyday we make food choices for our meals, may it be breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks or dinner, that will influence our body's health for better or worse.  In the event of making the food choices among the wide varieties available, we may benefit or harm our health only a little each day but as they accumulate over the years, the good or bad consequences will become major. Therefore, we have to be very careful with the choice of food we consume and also the amount we consume each day in order to ensure that they can bring us health benefits later. Many diseases come by due to carelessness in making food choices and lack of nutritional knowledge on food.  However, there are also a minority of people who will live long lives despite making poor choices and some may become ill or die young no matter what choices, good or bad. they make.

The word moderation is a beautiful thing.  Moderation means that you can do a little of what you like, enjoying all the good things but not having to pay for it with your health.  So if you feel the urge to make the choice you like rather than considering the health factor in selecting the food for your meal, do not worry.  Do not go on a hungry strike, instead consume them in moderation. The most effective way to manage food urge is to satisfy it immediately with a small portion of the desired goodie.  Restriction only serves to make you crave for more, trigger binge eating, and depress your mood further.  All food is good, although I think we know that if you want to keep your health in mind, some foods are best eaten in moderation.  I strongly believe that enjoying good healthy food is one of life's greatest pleasures and it should not be an activity loaded with guilt about the sort of food you "should" and "shouldn't" eat.  Eating provides more than just food and nutrients to the body.  Foods bring pleasure through their flavors and promote social interactions, ethnic traditions, and family time together.

However, the approach to food and nutrition should not be where the love of food loses out to science. After all, we still have lives to lead. Each food provides a unique assortment of nutrients.  We should make nutrition accessible and fun, not serious and boring.  I have provided here are Healthy Food Recipes that prove good health does not mean giving up good food.  Besides the usual healthy food recipes, I have also included some healthy recipes designed to help with special health requirements, for instance, low-fat diet, healthy eating for diabetes, heart-healthy recipes, calcium-rich diet for the bones related to osteoporosis and more.  The skill in creating healthy food recipes is in cutting down on fat and salt without cutting down on their flavor.  Good nutrition helps to maintain a healthy body and improve the quality of life in the later years.

Eating right not only ensures us of good health but also holds back the signs of aging.  The older we get, the less efficient our bodies are at keeping free radicals at bay - faulty genes, hormone or immune system deficiencies or lack of energy mean the damage is no longer repaired properly.  One way of delaying aging and staying younger longer is being choosy about what we eat. In order to prevent the kind of health problems associated with aging, what we eat has an important role to play.

Being healthy is important, and eating food and exercising regularly are big parts of all that, especially as we continue to lead busy and hectic lives and juggle our many roles - as a worker, a partner and perhaps as a parent.  We will benefit from exercise and physical activities in terms of body weight and fat profile, reduced risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and strokes, less stress, higher self-esteem, better appetite, and better sleep. Exercise with intensity.  You lose weight when you challenge your body.  If walking is your exercise of choice, make sure that you step lively.

Every one of us will all want to change our lives for the better.  As we grow older, we want to look better, feel better and be better. And one of the best areas of life where we can instill this positive changes is in our health. We must be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor after working ourselves to exhaustion.  That can only be done if we have good healthy foods and excellent health.   Here is the information you need to help you and your family eat healthfully.  A well-balanced diet and active lifestyle support good health.


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