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The foods which we consume in our everyday life are products derived from plants or animals that can be taken into the body to yield energy and nutrients for the maintenance of life and the growth and repair of our tissues. Healthy foods support healthy bodies, therefore, you should be careful when you are choosing your foods for your meals. You should choose nutritious foods that will benefit your health because nutrition played a significant role in your life, even from before your birth.

Foods that provide health benefits beyond their nutrient contributions are called functional foods.  Oatmeal or tomatoes are some examples of functional foods in their natural ways. In other cases, the foods have been modified in a way that provides health benefits, perhaps by lowering the fat contents.  Whole-grains, vegetables and legumes, fruits, meats, fish, poultry and milk products are among the healthiest choices a person can make.  All food groups offer valuable nutrients and everyone of us should make selections from each group daily.  Consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods and beverages within and among the basic healthy food groups.  However, limit intake of saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, added sugars, salt and alcohol.  You may find that dietary guidelines are a little different from individual countries from around the whole world - but they all agree towards supporting good health.  Healthy foods are about simple, fresh, wholesome food packed with all the nutrients you need.


Consume a sufficient amount of fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products (fat-free or low-fat milk products), and whole grains while staying within energy needs.  Make a selection of fruits and vegetables each day, including selections from all five vegetable subgroups, that is, dark green, orange, legumes, starchy vegetables and other vegetables) several times a week, making sure at least half of the grain selections are whole grains. A well-planned diet will provide adequate nutrients and substance, a balanced array of nutrients, and an appropriate amount of energy needed by an individual. 


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