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Information on Good Living Habits

Are you one who grabs a quick lunch? A sandwich or any fast food hastily washed down with coffee and topped off with apple pie and ice cream, eaten in five to ten minutes is a killing menu.  Even the best food gobbled down without proper chewing can cause digestive troubles, misery and may even shorten your life.  If you have a delicate digestive system, correct your deficiencies, but at the same time give your digestion a helping hand by chewing your foods until they are liquids.

Eating and drinking foods that are too hot or too cold can also damage the sensitive digestive system by shocking it.  When the normal temperature is suddenly altered, time is needed for recovery and digestion is slowed and often not as efficiently completed.

When you are in a happy state of mind, the right amount of bile is produced in the gall bladder.  When you are upset, there is an excessive amount of bile and when anger arise, none and when disgusted, the bile backfires and the gall bladder contracts and shrivels.  When you are happy the stomach secretes plenty of digestive juice and when you are unhappy, very little.

It is a sad state of affairs when supplemental vitamins are regularly taken in an effort to correct deficiencies, only to allow the same old fussing and disturbing habits to prevent our getting the most from our nourishment.

In making mealtime pleasant, do not overdo things and make it one hilarious experience, because unchewed food that goes galloping down your oesophagus to get out of the way so you can enjoy a good laugh, or quick reply, is not going to be digested properly either.  Air is gulped during high excitement, and then soda and sedatives are resorted to for gas relief. So, for fine nutrition, see that mealtime is quiet, cheerful and serene.

Elimination is just as important for health as eating a balanced diet. When any one of the avenues of elimination is not throwing out its wastes efficiently, it places an extra burden on the other organs of elimination.   All the fine foods in the world cannot make the body healthy and lovely unless every organ of elimination is cleaned of all its wastes every day.  The organs of elimination are the intestine, kidneys, liver, skin and lungs.


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