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Recipes on All Healthy Homemade Pastries

All Healthy Pastries Recipes offers you none other than fragrant, aromatic and delicious healthy, freshly baked bread, a food heartily recommended now for its starch, fiber, minerals and vitamins, except perhaps for a plateful of delicate but rich little cookies or a moist and rich torte or cake.  On the other hand, a healthy homemade cake is the definitive way to impress and delight, whatever the occasion.  Home-baking is one of those quiet yet deeply satisfying pleasures that not only supply satisfaction in the doing but also delirium in the tasting.  Considering the vast variety of baked goods available in supermarkets and stores, there are still a lot of people turning to home-baked pastries because they want to have a taste of real chocolate, butter, less sugar and real vanilla or fresh citrus zest and so on.  Today, the best bread is still from homemade recipes.  There are recipes on white bread, buns, wheat breads that emphasize whole wheat, both in flavor and texture, each is unique in its distinctive wheat flavor combined with the flavors of other wonderful healthy ingredients.  Good bakeries are not numerous outside of big cities and they are certainly not cheap.  What makes good baking is first-rate ingredients and careful measurement, followed by precise execution.  Of course, at the end of the day, you will enjoy splendid healthy pastries.  Whether you choose to make a basic white bread, wholemeal loaves, Italian focaccia, mixed-grain bread, Panettone, potato bread, caraway bread or Challah Bread (Jewish Egg Bread), the healthy recipes and many others are all here for your baking pleasure.  All healthy pastries recipes have been adapted to form a healthy part of your daily menu without compromising on taste. 


  1. Apple and Blackberry Turnovers

  2. Apple and Sultana Strudel

  3. Basic White Bread

  4. Carrot Ginger Cake

  5. Cheese and Onion Bread

  6. Chocolate Cookies

  7. Christmas Cake

  8. Date and Walnut Tea-Bread

  9. Fresh Lime Cheesecake

  10. Lime and Ginger Cheesecake

  11. Mango Choux Ring

  12. Orange and Strawberry Flan

  13. Peach and Almond Strudel

  14. Pitta Bread

  15. Pizza Muffins

  16. Plum Cobbler

  17. Sesame Snaps

  18. Soda Bread

  19. Strawberry Roulade

  20. Wholemeal Muffins



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