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Recipes on All Healthy Sauces

(Sauces Recipes - Dressings, Dips, Gravy and Sauces)

All healthy sauces recipes in this section covers all healthy dressings, dips, gravy and sauces which can raise even the most everyday breakfast, lunch, brunch, snacks and dinner meal and simple dishes to sublime heights.  Sauces are nearly as old as cooking.  The reason that sauces are still with us is that we often use them to enhance, complement and sometimes alter the flavors of the foods we serve.  Its a concoction that was added toward the end of cooking, or after the main ingredient had been fully prepared.  Today, classic sauces seem to have been replaced by more natural preparations that do not contain much salt, fat or thickeners.  A world without sauces would be an impoverished place.  Generally, a sauce is any liquid that accompanies a dish.  It usually adds flavor, sometimes texture, and frequently color to the final recipe.  This collection of simple, easy, delicious and yet wonderful recipes should provide many exciting healthy eating experiences, especially since most of the healthy sauces herein can be served with a variety of healthy foods, thus increasing your repertoire exponentially with each new preparation you master.  It also gives you great ideas that are fun to prepare, colorful and casual to serve and packed full of fresh and healthy ingredients.


  1. Chickpea and Rosemary Dip

  2. Cottage Cheese and Basil Dip

  3. Guacamole

  4. Tomato Puree

  5. Tomato Sauce

  6. Vinaigrette Dressing

  7. Yoghurt Dressing



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