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Recipes on All Healthy and Delicious Snacks

All healthy snacks provides you with light and healthy desserts, finger bites, canapés, finger food and appetizers set parties and celebratory brunch, lunch or dinners, off with a swing.  This collection has something for every season and social occasion - healthy turkey bouchees and healthy stuffed tomatoes, have been vetted for sugar and fat.  A colorful selection of healthy vegetables smothers healthy toasted french bread and glistens with melted Gruyere for satisfying late morning munching.  Rows of brilliant cherry tomatoes filled with shrimps, and cucumber rings packed with tuna make a cheerful display for a buffet party.  All healthy snacks recipes contains a range of starters to whet the appetite with easy, simple ways and methods on how to cook or prepare them.  There are low-fat tasty and delicious starters from countries around the world, such as healthy Asian appetizers, snacks and  kuih - Thai snacks - Potato Crab Cakes with chili and soy sauce dipping sauce, Malaysian kuih or desserts such as, Sweet Potato Onde-Onde, Indian healthy snacks - Mungdhal and Chicken Kebabs, Chinese healthy appetizer - Spring Rolls, Oriental Shellfish Kebabs and Stuffed Lotus Root; or Tuna and Cucumber Rings, Scallop Skewers or Sweet and Sour Drumsticks, which are barbecued to give them a glossy glaze and are very low in fat.  There is also a selection of pâtés, including Parsley, Chicken and Ham and Smoked Fish and Potato, as well as healthy snacks, including Spicy Chickpeas.


  1. Artichokes with Creamed Bean Filling

  2. Asian Baked Pumpkin Cake

  3. Baked Tuna Tomatoes

  4. Chicken Liver Croustades

  5. Ginger and Blueberry Crème Brulee

  6. Golden Lemon Pudding

  7. Low-Fat Pancakes

  8. Low-Fat Strawberry Trifle

  9. Marinated Scallop Brochettes

  10. Mung Dhal and Chicken Kebabs

  11. Oriental Shellfish Kebabs

  12. Pear and Lemon Brulee

  13. Pears with Piquant Cheese Filling

  14. Strawberries Poached in Burgundy

  15. Strawberry and Vanilla Parfait

  16. Wild Mushroom Tartlets



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