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Articles on Cancer

Cancer is a word everybody fears. The ancient Greeks called the spreading growths "the crablike disease" - karkinos - which translates through Latin into the word "cancer." No word in our language has greater emotional impact. Many regard the diagnosis of cancer as an automatic death sentence. The facts of the matter, however, are different. It is a disease resulting from the growth of malignant tumors that have not been revealed until later stage. Most cancer patients range from between the ages of 45 and 64. The prognosis for cancer today is far brighter than in the past. With the new detection techniques, innovative therapies, identification of risk factors offer hope and encouragement. There are many cancers with many different kinds of malignancies. Cancer have different characteristics and they can attack any parts of our body. There are treatments for cancer such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or any combination of the three. These treatments are aimed to remove cancer cells, prevent further tumor growth, and alleviate symptoms. Once cancer develops, the consequences depend on the location of the tumor, how serious it is and the specific treatments to provide. It is true that certain cancers, such as pancreas and lung cancers are very difficult to diagnose early and treat effectively. However, many other common cancers like, bowel, breast, cervix, skin, can often be detected early enough for a permanent cure. With the newly diagnosed cancer each year, one third will survive to lead a normal life for many years, many with permanent cures. Foods such as fiber, fruits and vegetables contain both nutrients and phytochemicals that are likely to protect against cancer.


  1. Signs and Symptoms of Cancer Disease




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