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Articles of Chinese Healing and Herbs

Traditional Chinese healing and medicinal herbs in China is not an archaic code of instructions present only in old books.  It is a living system which is used today in combination with allopathic medicine in a unique synthesis.  For instance, in the teaching hospitals of Peking, surgery will be carried out in the Western manner with highly advanced equipment, but the anesthetist may use acupuncture instead of pentothal, and herbal preparations will be used for pre- and post-operative treatment.  It seems remarkable that interest in natural food remedies and Chinese herbal medicine are still been widely practiced in this age of rapid and continuing breakthroughs in medical science. The search for alternative medical treatment methods outside of Western medical practice for people who suffer from chronic ailments or diseases has resulted in the realization of this natural food remedies and Chinese herbal medicine. A rural health system has been instituted in China in which doctors, trained in the major teaching hospitals, then spread out to the rural areas and in turn train health workers at the village level.  These famous 'barefoot doctors' teach disease prevention, sanitation and first aid.  Deadly diseases such as cholera and smallpox have been completely eliminated in China in a remarkably short time by this system.


At the same time, knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine has spread in the opposite direction - from the villages to the cities where it is now studied at research institutes.  Here it is investigated and researched in an open-minded way, with full awareness of ancient medical principles.  The result has been most successful, for in that way the Chinese can call upon the experience of 4000 years of experiment and knowledge of herbs.  A Chinese physician prescribes treatment according to the signs and symptoms that presents itself, while the Western physician, treat on the specific diseased organs rather than the diseased body.


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