Types of Cough

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Information on Types of Cough

Coughing is sometimes produced by tricks of the mind rather than by diseases of the body.  "Psychogenic cough" may occur as a manifestation of a neurosis or merely as a nervous habit.  A cough can also be triggered by a variety of factors, including smoking, cold weather, dust particles and other airborne pollutants, or as the result of infections, such as the common cold or flu.  There are five main variations of cough, from dry and raspy to a chesty cough with congestion.


There are many types of coughs. A hacking cough or a bark? They come in many types shapes and forms and your doctor or pharmacist will need to know what is the type we are having before prescribing us the appropriate cough mixture to alleviate it. It is important to choose the right cough mixture for the cough you are having and this can be a very confusing task. Different cough mixtures have varying ingredients and effects and they may contain a specific mixture of medication to soothe certain symptoms.


There are productive cough, whereby you are bringing up phlegm, you will likely need a cough mixture which contain an expectorant to liquify and thin the phlegm and a mucolytic to break down the phlegm fibers to allow you to cough up the phlegm more easily.  On the other hand, if you are having a raspy, irritating cough with the absence of phlegm, referred to as dry, unproductive cough, you will likely need a product containing suppressant to help control coughing for up to six to eight hours. There is also congested, unproductive cough whereby you will probably need a mixture containing cough suppressant and an expectorant. This will help to control coughs for up to six to eight hours while loosening and helping clear any congestion in the chest. As for cough with nasal congestion, mixture with a decongestant is recommended.  This is when most cough sufferers complain that their symptoms are at their worst at night that resulted in loss of almost a few hours of sleep per night.  The impact of a bad cough does stretch beyond sleep loss.  The cough sufferers are said to be less productive at work due to irritability and lack of concentration.


Contagious diseases such as whooping cough, influenza and measles produce coughing.  Coughing may occur in leukemia.  This is produced by an enlargement of the lymph nodes at the center of the chest, bring pressure against the trachea.


Treating your cough quickly is the best remedy.  An average cough lasts for about 10 days and many cough sufferers usually wait until their cough is at its worst before seeking help.  By treating a cough at its initial stage, with the appropriate cough medication, lots of rest and plenty of fluids intake, you can benefit from faster, long-lasting relief and a better night's sleep.  Always check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking a decongestant or any medicines to ensure they are right for you.  They can help you determine the type of cough you have and the most effective treatment.  An experienced pharmacist is not only knowledgeable about different products and brands, but can also advise you on the most appropriate cough mixture, depending on other medicines you may be taking, or other medical conditions you may have.



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