Simple Steps for Self-Help

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Information on Simple Steps for Self-Help

A plan of action for the self-treatment of anxiety and mild depression should include the following measures.

- Learn a relaxation and mediation method including visualization.

- However reluctantly, some form of active exercise must be performed each day. This can be brisk walking, skipping, swimming, cycling, etc. 15 to 30 minutes of any of this activity is sufficient.

- Exclude completely from the diet the following: tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate and cola; all white flour products; sugar of all colors and honey; all foods containing coloring, flavoring or other chemical additives; white rice and strong condiments such as curry and salt. Avoid smoking.

- Have three meals daily (unless hypoglycaemia is established, in which case take more frequent, smaller meals). One of these meals should always be mainly salad, to which add seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) nuts and either whole meal bread or a jacket potato. The other main meal should be a protein meal (egg, cheese, fish, poultry, lean meat, vegetarian savory, etc.) and a variety of cooked (lightly steamed) vegetables. The morning meal should be built around fruits, seeds, nuts, wholegrain, etc. with natural yoghurt or Soya milk. Drinks should be non-stimulating such as herb tea, yeast extracts, coffee substitutes and mineral water or fruits and vegetable juices.

- Obviously if these simple measures, together with some suggested supplements, do not rapidly (two to three weeks) effect a marked improvement, you may well require more individual advice, and you should consult a naturopath or a doctor using orthomolecular methods, or a clinical ecologist. If you are on medication, take advice from your qualified physician or medical practitioner before using supplements at the same time and do not stop medication suddenly.

- Deal comprehensively with stress, if necessary seek professional help.


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