Possible Preventive Measures for Diabetics

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Information on Possible Preventive Measures for Diabetics

Diet modification and regular exercise is highly recommended for people suffering from Diabetes.  As there is possible indirect contributions of sugar in diabetes, the person should start on reducing sugar intake and, if needed, use artificial sweeteners.  The person should also control his or her blood pressure and slow down or try to avoid foods that may elevate his or her blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  Watch their total carbohydrate levels intake because it is the total amount of carbohydrate taken, not just the amount of starch or sugar, that affects the blood glucose levels after eating.


The person should try to plan out his meal so that he consumes only the amount of food he requires, at the time they are required and also in accordance to his nutritional needs and individual lifestyle.  Our weight is also another factor to look at.  We should maintain and attain a healthy weight because if a type 2 diabetic person are overweight, their blood glucose levels tend not to be under control.  We should also monitor our blood glucose level regularly so that an early detection will lead to early treatment and preventive steps taken to avoid any serious health problems from arising, such as heart disease, kidney disease, loss of vision and nerve damage.  Regular screening exams must also be done regularly to detect any complications of diabetes at an early stage.  Consult your healthcare provider who will be able to teach you on how to monitor your blood glucose regularly at how long an interval.


Another preventive ways to take for diabetics is to go for regular exercise.  As exercises or any physical activity can lower blood glucose levels, making body cells more sensitive to insulin and improving their ability to use and store glucose.  In fact, exercise or physical activity combined fewer calories will often control type 2 diabetes without the need for medication.  Besides, being able to control diabetes, exercises or physical activities can also help improve our heart and lung efficiency, reduced body fat, improved and strengthened muscle tone and improved fitness overall.  It is best to consult your doctor who can help you to determine the type of program to follow which is best for you.


Everyone in the family should support the person suffering from diabetes and be remain patient with each other as diabetes is a life-long struggle and it is important that diabetics comply with doctor's orders and watch what they eat. 


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