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We eat so frequently in a day and the food we eat is different for each meal.  We make food choices each time we eat, deciding what to eat and the amount to eat.  This making of food choices is important as many times, a lot of people chooses a meal without giving its nutrient contributions and health consequences any thought. In order to make a good healthy choice of food, we must know what type of food to select and what quantity to consume.


A healthy diet has got to be well-planned so as to create a well-balanced diet that supports health.  A healthy diet normally ranges from a wide selection of foods within and among the major healthy food groups.  Adequate and balanced array of nutrients are provided in a well-planned diet. We can enjoy a variety of foods but we must make emphasis on cereals, whole-grain breads, vegetables, fruits, and milk products.  Meat is also one of the five major healthy food groups we should include in our diet.  However, we must choose leaner meats prepared either with little or no fat.  Minimise the consumption of fatty foods especially deep-fried foods, animal fats and watch out for hidden fats in foods like nuts and processed foods that look fat-free but actually contain high fat content.  Also remember to eat less sugar and salt.


Dieting may call for some sacrifice of one's favorite foods, but it need not be dull and monotonous, as is so often suggested by those who would have you seek a solution for your health problem in accretion instead of in moderation.  A healthy diet contributes to a healthy body.


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