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Articles on Fitness and Exercise

We can all grow old gracefully, looking as healthy, fit and radiant.  Regular physical exercise is essential for optimum health.  Physical activities is a great way to maintain good health and reduced risk of chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis, stroke, risk of bowel (colon) cancer, diabetes and an improvement in your feeling of wellbeing.  We must choose move before we choose youth.  Grab every opportunity to be active.  Being active, even if we are overweight, is healthier than being sedentary. People can be obese, then, not because they are eating too much but because they move too little.

Everyone of us is bound to exercise beyond reasonable limits, either deliberately or accidentally.  We can prevent this exercise-induced pain which is the result of common muscle and joint injuries from excessive exercise if we understand how and why we suffer different forms of exercise-induced pain.  Our muscle injured because we may have stretched too excessive resulting in pain and swelling.  Movement that goes beyond physiological range; sudden forceful movement can result in joint injuries.  Regular exercise also helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure; strengthens muscles, bones and joints; and reduces anxiety and depression. We should allocate 30 minutes of our time each day to do some exercise such as walking and jogging.  Try choosing exercise activities that we enjoy.  It can be shopping, dancing, swimming, tennis, aerobics, or even Yoga, Tai chi and Qi-gong.

Amidst our busy schedule, we can squeeze in some exercise at home.  Exercising at home is a great way to keep fit.  We can perform physical activities either play with our children, keep our abs in shape by doing crunches, do some house cleaning, gardening, etc.  Physical activity or exercise is a necessary component of nutritional health.  We must be physically active if we are to eat enough food to deliver all the nutrients they will need without unhealthy weight gain.


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