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Articles on Hair Care

The hair follicle, residing just below the skin surface, is the essential growth structure.  If a hair follicle is destroyed, no new hairs can form.  If hair is plucked or cut but the follicle remains, new hair will grow.  The total number of hair follicles in an adult has been estimated at about five million, of which about 100,000 are in the scalp.  The number of hair follicles decreases with age.  As dividing cells at the bottom of a hair follicle are pushed upward, they eventually die and become the visible product we know as "hair".  It is important to emphasize that each hair we see above the skin is dead protein tissue; the follicle, lying deeply within the skin, is the esssential growing part of the hair.


In humans, each follicle grows hair in cycles and the duration of the cycle is different in each part of the body.  In the scalp, for instance, each hair grows steadily and continuously for 3 to 5 years; growth then stops and after 3 months the hair is shed.  After another 3 months of a resting phrase, a new hair starts to grow from the same follicle.  On the eyebrows, however, the growing phrase is only about 10 weeks and thus the hairs can never grow very long.  Scalp hair grows about one-third millimeter each (one centimeter per month, one inch in 2-3 months).  Since there are about 100,000 scalp hairs, this growth produces about 100 feet of practically solid protein each day (seven miles per year).  People who tend to grow long hair have long growth periods (6 - 8 years), but their hair does not grow any faster than others.


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