Herbs for Arthritis

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Information on Herbs for Arthritis

In herbal medicine, Celery seed is the chief anti-rheumatic. It has a mildly diuretic effect meaning it eliminates excess body fluids, including excess from around swollen joints. Plenty of fresh water is also recommended to flush the system. Six to eight glasses of purified water a day is one of the best overall health tonics there is.

The herb Guaiacum is also recommended for all forms of arthritis and gout (another form of arthritis in which crystals of uric acid form in the joints), particularly where there is much inflammation and pain.

White willow bark (nature's aspirin) and Devil's claw are both anti-inflammatory and are gently effective for the pain of arthritic conditions.

Echinacea is an important herb for all-round immune system support. Echinacea is known as a 'blood purifier' and lymphatic tonic which, in the case of arthritis, helps eliminate the chronic inflammation of the joints. It is what herbalists call an 'alterative' - a herb which gradually restores proper functioning of the body and generally increases health and vitality. Sarsaparilla, which helps remove uric acid from the blood (and is also used for scaly skin conditions such as psoriasis), Burdock (another alterative) and Yellow dock, which acts on the liver to aid elimination of toxins, should be taken together with Echinacea to assist in arthritis.


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