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Articles on Herbs and Spices

Today, herbal medicine is experiencing a renaissance. With growing anxiety over the side-effects of synthetic drugs and the assault of urban existence, more people are seeking out alternative or complementary methods of healing or preventing diseases.  Spices have been prized for centuries and were once valued as highly as gold. They are also useful as preservatives and antibiotics and for their therapeutic benefits.


Besides for the purpose of healing, with the clever blend of delicate herbs and fragrant spices, we can cook up an exotic meal.  Exotic, aromatic and exciting herbs and spices add piquancy, tang and fiery flavor to food and are a versatile ingredient to all forms of cooking.  Herbs and spices are an excellent way to bring out the taste of foods and make them more appealing.  The variance in flavors will keep our taste buds stimulated and we will be most likely be satisfied after eating. 


If you grow your own herbs, the best time to pick them is midmorning, after the dew has mostly gone but before the volatile oils, which give the herbs their fragrance, have started to evaporate in the warmth of the sun.  Fresh herbs should be used as soon as they are picked or purchased in order to obtain optimum flavor and fragrance.  Spices are a lot more to it than just flavor to satisfy our palate.  It is also important to know that spices helps to keep us young and healthy.  Spices are found to be with active properties only when they are ground as you need them. Do not grind ahead and keep them for their will lose their potency.


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