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Information on Hepatitis

One of the most common diseases of the liver is infectious hepatitis or inflammation of the liver.  This disease is usually accompanied by headaches, nausea, weakness of the body and often a slight fever and jaundice.  This disease may result in the destruction of many liver cells, but it is well to bear in mind that good care along with nutritional and hygienic practice, often clears up the condition in a relatively short time and protects the liver against permanent damage.  Chronic hepatitis can lead to liver failure and cancer and only a few fraction of infected people are aware they have it.

When great areas of the liver become damaged, some very serious liver disorders may develop.  Our liver will not show any symptoms even though it can be seriously damaged.  That is the reason why we have to be aware of the dangers of hepatitis and its risk factors.   Every time we eat a meal, blood will carry food nutrients our liver, which converts the nutrients to energy and store them.  Our liver converts the nutrients to make our muscles and remove toxins from our body. When hepatitis infect our liver, the infected tissue in our liver will restrict the blood flow, whereby reducing the energy we produce and at the same time restore the toxins back into the bloodstream and causing dangerous pressure in veins that serve the liver.  The longer the duration whereby the liver is infected, the greater the likelihood of irreversible effects.  It has been identified that there are five hepatitis viruses, labeled A through E, that progress through the body in different ways.


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