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Articles on Obesity

Obesity is the condition which can be caused by many different combinations of factors and they varies in different people.  Obesity can also be caused by one or both of the following two factors; due to overeating and lack of exercise or physical activity.  There may be other contributing factors, mostly psychological.  Overweight is a great handicap to general health and life expectancy.  If you are pleased with your body weight than you are a rare individual because most people in our society think they should weigh mostly less than they do.  An ideal body weight does not necessarily ensure good health.  At the extremes, both overweight and underweight can present health risks.   Instead they depend mostly on diet and physical activity.  A well-balanced diet and active lifestyle support good health and help maintain body weight within a reasonable range.


There are a few cases, usually in childhood or early youth, in which glandular imbalance plays an important part.  Obesity is objectionable chiefly because it is a prelude to many cases of diabetes and heart disease.  It makes arthritis of the hips and knees worse because of the weight on the joints and articular cartilages.  The rate of people suffering from obesity is still increasing every day despite most people are already conscious about their weight gain and their body image.  Despite our preoccupation with body image and weight loss, the prevalence of overweight and obesity increased dramatically worldwide as an epidemic, in both genders, across all races and all ages. A person is known to suffer from obesity when they body begins to accumulate excess body fat. That is, their body receive more food energy than they utilize.


For women the trim figure is considered more attractive, more desirable; for men, the muscular physique.  Usually, our primary concern is appearance but they often understand that physical health is also somehow related to body weight.  A fat woman, though perhaps once admired as the traditionally jolly cook and homemaker, can never look as well-dressed and attractive, nor can she more about gracefully.  So with a man.  The overweight man who comes steaming in to meet an appointment, out of breath and drenched with perspiration, is at a disadvantage compared with a man of normal weight, efficient and personally fit.  A few decades ago the major insurance companies began keeping records of various circumstances relating to clients.  One of their principal discoveries was that overweight is associated with relatively high mortality.  The greater a person's weight the greater his risk of early death.  Recent statistics show that men who weigh 10 to 19 percent more than their ideal weight have a mortality rate one third higher than men of ideal weight.  For those who weigh 20 percent or more above their ideal weight, the mortality rate is half again as high.  The fact is that persons who weigh too much are more susceptible than others to life-destroying diseases.  Thus obesity could rightly be named as at least a contributing causes of death.  Being overweight throws a greater strain on the body's vital organs, making them more susceptible to diseases that cause early death.


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