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Articles on Oral Health

Our mouth is said to be an open window to the rest of our bodies. There seems to be a connection between oral infection and infection or diseases that we may be having in our body. Another possible oral link is with respiratory infections whereby people who are poor in oral hygiene are more likely to develop aspiration pneumonia. In this case, bacteria could be depositing in or around the mouth and such patients may breathe them in and subsequently develop respiratory problems. We need to have a healthy mouth in order to have a healthy body. Oral care is an important aspect contributing to good health and well being. Most people do not seem too keen about oral health, which is often their least priority, as they fear the thought of visiting the dentist. There are more oral care products now compared to 10 years ago. Oral Health is really important because a lot of times gum disease is the most prevalent of all oral health problems. There are at least 80 percent of people suffering from gum disease but unfortunately, only a minority of people take care of their teeth and gums. Besides fear of the dentist, frequent visits to the dentist have not been made partly because dental care can be expensive. Therefore, a lot of people seek treatment only when it has progressed to advanced stages. Gum disease is an infection of the gums caused by accumulation of plaque over a certain period of time. Plaque is sticky and colorless film that constantly forms on the sides or in between of the teeth. In its early stages, it manifests itself as gingivitis characterized by red, swollen and sometimes bleeding gums. As the disease progresses to periodontitis, in which the severity is related to the amount of plaque present, the teeth may begin separating from the gums, creating pockets that are prone to localized collections of pus known as abscesses. This often leads to gum recession, bone loss and eventual tooth loss. Oral health may not be considered a life-threatening concern, but recent research tells us otherwise. Scientific evidence has now significantly link oral bacteria to the risks of developing chronic illnesses, such as, heart and lung diseases, and premature delivery in pregnant women, and is critical in immunocompromised diabetes mellitus and HIV infected patients.


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