Acquiring Beautiful Skin

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Information on Acquiring Beautiful Skin

Everyone desires to be beautiful. For women especially, their sense of self-worth frequently depends on how they measure up to a very narrow definition of feminine 'beauty' determined by the whims and fashions of the day. In consequence, many women spend their lives feeling dissatisfied with their looks, trying one cosmetic solution after another.

Others avoid the whole beauty question entirely. They are intimidated by the glossy faces of the cosmetics industry, the high prices, the soul-destroying idea that they (and laboratory animals) must suffer in the cause of something as transitory and superficial as looks. But beauty is never simply about surfaces. Skin and hair care are an important part of our personal health strategy. In fact, caring for our skin benefits our health and well-being just as caring for our health beautifies our skin.

The natural healing philosophies of both the East and West believe much can be deduced about people's health and nutritional status by the color and condition of their skin, hair and nails. The many traditional healing practices, such as massage and acupressure, yoga, cleansing and purification rituals, herbal poultices and essential oils, aromatherapy work through the skin to rebalance and heal both body and mind.

Eating the right balance of food, enjoying both exercise and relaxation, creating harmony in our emotional lives, all these contribute to a glowing complexion. In turn, the sensual, nurturing, even spiritual pleasures and rewards of looking after our skin are important contributors to our health.

By spending time on yourself - by treating yourself - you are effectively demonstrating to yourself that you are worth looking after. And it is this attitude, along with your skin care routine, which animates your whole being. Take this caring attitude outward to other species and to the world and you have captured the spirit of beauty as opposed to its commercial image.

Fashions in hair, make-up and clothes will continue to excite, inspire and challenge us to experiment with our appearance. But women also now want to see healthy, vibrant, intelligent good looks firmly on the beauty agenda.


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