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Articles on Diseases of the Urinary System

The kidneys are the vital part of the urinary system.  Blood flowing through capillaries in renal corpuscles carries excess water and certain other constituents.  These are filtered out and collected by a funnellike capsule, from which the filtrate flows into the kidney tubules.  Each kidney contains over one million nephrons, one of the kidney's many functioning units.  Blood flows into the glomerulus, and some of its fluid, with dissolved substances, is absorbed by the cells lining into the tubules.  These tubules select part of the fluid and the substances still of use to the body, returning these in solution to the blood in vessels alongside the tubule.  Waste material travels on down the tubules into the kidney pelvis, and from there through the ureter to the bladder and out of the body through the urethra.  These waste materials in solution are the urine.  Analysis of the urine usually reveals any disease of the urinary system.


Diseases of the ureters and urethra are uncommon, except when they are affected by kidney or bladder disease.  The only important urethral infection which does not concern bladder or kidneys is caused by gonorrhea, a venereal disease with inflammatory discharge from the urethra or vagina.  One of the common complications of neglected gonorrhea is urethra stricture, a narrowing or contracture of the urethra, the outlet tube of the bladder.


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